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Alleged Bremerton robbers lured victims through Facebook

A group of alleged Bremerton robbers lured their victims through Facebook on Tuesday.

Two men are in custody in the Kitsap County Jail on felony robbery charges.

Bremerton Police officers were dispatched just before midnight Tuesday, Jan. 12, to a report of a robbery.

The incident went down like this, according to a press release from the police department:

The two men who were victimized in the robbery were communicating with the suspects on Facebook. At some point, the suspects and the victims decided to “hang out,” and the suspects picked up the victims at a residence in West Bremerton.

After driving about a block, near the 800 block of Naval Avenue, one of the suspects, who was driving, stopped at an alleyway and said he needed to move a gym back in the back seat to the trunk.

The two suspects got out of the car and a third man, who had been waiting by the alley, pointed a handgun through the open window and demanded money and property from the two victims.

One of the victims immediately fled on foot; the other turned over a cell phone and an umbrella, then got out of the car and ran.

After speaking with the victims, officers broadcast a description of the car. Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office deputies located the car within minutes at a gas station at Highway 303 and Fairgrounds Road.

All occupants of the car were taken into custody. Officers obtained a search warrant and searched the vehicle.

Officers round a replica handgun that shot BBs. In Washington state, replica firearms that are perceived to be real are considered real firearms for prosecution purposes, according to the press release.

Detectives also located property and papers from at least three separate car prowling incidents in the area.

In addition, detectives located property and papers from at least three separate incidents of car prowling in the area. The found property included credit cards, cell phones, passports and other personal property.

An unspecified amount of methamphetamine was located in the car as well.

Bremerton police will contact victims of car prowls to see if any of the recovered property belongs to them.

“We see a lot of criminal incidents that seem to be starting with contact on social media,” said Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan. “Please be very careful about giving anyone on social media information about where you live or anything that may lead them to be able to victimize you.”

Featured photo: Frydolin / Wikimedia Commons

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