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Published on November 30th, 2014 | by The Kitsap Scene


Heart, Humor Elevate ‘Big Hero 6’

Fresh off the success of “Frozen,” Disney offers another vibrant, beautifully animated film with “Big Hero 6.”

Based on a Marvel Comics property, “Big Hero 6” takes place in the fictional San Fransokyo, a mash-up (obviously) of San Francisco and Tokyo.

The film follows the appropriately named Hiro, a young technology whiz who’d rather spend his technological prowess on back-alley robot fights than on academic pursuits.

A change of heart leads Hiro toward more ambitious pursuits, but when his latest invention is co-opted for nefarious purposes, it’s up to Hiro and Baymax — a bumbling-but-heartwarming marshmallow of a robot — to save the day, with a little help from some friends.

The brunt of the movie’s heart comes from the relationship between Baymax and Hiro. Baymax’s programming — he’s a nurse robot designed to heal whatever ails people — leads him to care for Hiro in the same way a mother or dear friend would.

One of the film’s slight disappointments, however, is that the relationship between Hiro and Baymax is the only one that’s feels fully developed. The rest of the characters — including a group of university students Hiro depends on — are mainly there to keep the plot moving along. It seems apparent, though, that the film is setting the stage for future installments, where the students will likely play larger roles.

Aside from the plot, the film is beautifully rendered. San Fransokyo feels like a real place. The characters, despite some cartoonish embellishments, move like real people. It’s the kind of fictional world you not only can get lost in, but find yourself wanting to get lost in — and maybe revisit in a possible sequel.

Heart, Humor Elevate ‘Big Hero 6’ The Kitsap Scene

Summary: Full of heart and beautifully animated, but lacking in characterization.


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