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Kingston man injured after his trailer explodes

A Kingston man is in the hospital with serious injuries after the trailer he lived in exploded yesterday.

The man was transported by a North Kitsap Fire and Rescue medic unit to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. He was transported via ferry, as fog affected flight visibility, and normal emergency helicopter transportation was cancelled.

Deputies from Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office responded around 9:30 a.m. Oct. 27 for a welfare check at Brazeau Mobile Home and RV Park, located off NE State Highway 104, west of Kingston, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office. The check was for a 59-year-old man who lived in a 20-foot travel trailer.

A family member had reported that the man suffered from “mental health concerns” and was “acting irrationally” according to the release. The family member was reportedly concerned about the man’s state of health, and by his “professed suicidal ideations.”

Deputies reportedly approached the trailer and attempted to talk face-to-face with the man, but “the attempt was futile,” the release states.

Deputies reportedly observed a Golden Retriever dog inside the trailer with the man; at the same time, they reportedly smelled propane gas, and heard the gas being “discharged.” One deputy opened the trailer’s hot water tank flap and noted the water tank pilot light was lit, the release states.

The deputy turned off the gas supply to the hot water heater and extinguished the pilot light, according to the release. He moved to a second location, and reportedly tripped a main circuit breaker that cut off electrical power to the trailer. He then located two, 10-gallon propane tanks mounted on the trailer, and shut their valves in an attempt to eliminate propane gas being supplied to the interior of the trailer.

Both deputies reportedly moved away to avoid injury if the trailer exploded, and began planning for additional assistance from NKFR, additional sheriff’s patrol units and park management.

A deputy got a hold of the man on the phone, but the exchange was “minimal” and “unproductive,” and the man abruptly disconnected, the release states.

Fire units arrived at the scene a little after 10 a.m. and assisted park management with notifying and evacuating residents who lived in nearby spaces, and provided deputies with an assessment on how to mitigate the danger of an explosion.

Fourteen minutes later, the trailer exploded.

“Although the explosion was heard around the park itself, it was the blast pressure that deputies reported as being significant,” the release states. Debris from the blast traveled approximately 30 feet into the air and between 50 and 75 feet out from the trailer chassis.

Almost immediately following the explosion, deputies saw the 59-year-old man emerge from a pile of debris.

“The scene was volatile and a propane tank could be seen still venting,” the release states.

Misty, a golden retriever, survived an explosion in Kingston yesterday.

Deputies observed burns covering the man’s arms, head, neck and face. The man reportedly wouldn’t comply with deputies’ verbal directions; he reportedly picked up a leaking propane tank and approached the sheriff’s deputies.

When told his dog survived the blast and was safe, the man complied with deputies’ verbal commands, the release states. He was escorted to an aid unit and turned over to medics.

Marvin’s dog, a female named Misty, survived the blast; her fur was singed and her whiskers were burned away. She was found with neighboring park residents. She was turned over into the care of Kitsap Animal Rescue and transported to the Kitsap Humane Society for veterinary evaluation and treatment. Kitsap Humane Society later reported Misty is in “very good shape,” and did not sustain any burns to her skin.

A parallel investigation has been initiated by the Kitsap County Marshal to identify the cause of the explosion, according to the press release.

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