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Published on November 8th, 2016 | by The Kitsap Scene


Kitsap Election Results: Clinton Wins Washington; Fast Ferry Proposal Too Close to Call

It’s no surprise that Democrat Hillary Clinton won Washington state; she leads Republican Donald Trump 56.28 percent to 37.83 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson yielded 3.94 percent of the vote, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein earned 1.32 percent.

Kitsap County’s results aren’t different from the state’s when it comes to the presidential race. Kitsap voters favored Clinton over Trump, 52.3 percent to 38.1 percent. Johnson managed to earn 5.5 percent in Kitsap, and Stein earned 1.3 percent.

One of the most controversial measures affecting Kitsap County voters was the proposal to increase local taxes to fund a passenger-only fast ferry to Seattle. The measure is passing very narrowly, 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent, and is likely too close to call.

Here are preliminary, unofficial election results for Kitsap County and statewide races:

(Note: For uncontested races, we included the results for write-in candidates).

(Note: D = Democrat; R = Republican; L = Libertarian)

Unofficial Local Election Results:

Kitsap Transit Proposition No. 1: Passenger-Only Ferry Investment Plan and Sales & Use Tax

Yes: 50.8 percent

No: 49.2 percent

Congressional District 6: U.S. Representative

Derek Kilmer (D): 62.3 percent (Kitsap); 62.22 percent (district-wide)

Todd A. Bloom (R): 37.5 percent (Kitsap); 37.78 percent (district-wide)

Legislative District 23: State Senator

Christine Rolfes (D): 97.2 percent

Write-in Candidates: 2.8 percent

Legislative District 23: State Representative Pos. 1

Sherry V. Appleton (D): 59.6 percent (Kitsap); 59.63 percent (district-wide)

Loretta Byrnes (R): 40.3 percent (Kitsap); 40.37 percent (district-wide)

Legislative District 23 State Representative Pos. 2

Drew Hansen (D): 97 percent

Write-ins: 3 percent

Legislative District 26: State Representative Pos. 1

Jesse L. Young (R): 54.8 percent (Kitsap); 54.87 percent (district-wide)

Larry Seaquist (D): 45.1 percent (Kitsap); 45.13 percent (district-wide)

Legislative District 26: State Representative Pos. 2

Michelle Caldier (R): 55.8 percent (Kitsap); 56.94 percent (district-wide)

Randy Spitzer (D): 44.1 percent (Kitsap); 43.06 percent (district-wide)

Legislative District 35 State Representative Pos. 1

Dan Griffey (R): 54.8 percent (Kitsap); 54.5 percent (district-wide)

Irene Bowling (D): 45.1 percent (Kitsap); 45.5 percent (district-wide)

Legislative District 35 State Representative Pos. 2

Drew C. MacEwen (R): 55.7 percent (Kitsap); 54.19 percent (district-wide)

Craig Patti (D): 44.1 percent (Kitsap); 45.81 percent (district-wide)

Kitsap County Commissioner District 1

Robert Gelder (D): 96.8 percent

Write-in Candidates: 3.2 percent

Kitsap County Commissioner District 2

Christopher J. Tibbs (R): 45.9 percent

Charlotte Garrido (D): 54 percent

Superior Court Judge Position 5 (Nonpartisan Race)

Dale A. Magneson: 46.4 percent

Jeffrey P. Bassett: 53.3 percent

Public Utility District No. 1 Commissioner District 1 (Nonpartisan Race)

Debra Lester: 55.3 percent

John Armstrong: 44.3 percent

Port of Poulsbo Proposition No. 1 Enlargement of Port of Poulsbo

Yes, Enlarge the Port of Poulsbo: 43.8 percent

No, Don’t Enlarge the Port of Poulsbo: 56.8 percent

Statewide Races:

Initiative Measure No. 1433, Concerning Labor Standards

Yes:  58.9 percent (Kitsap); 59.48 percent (Statewide)

No: 41.1 percent (Kitsap); 40.52 percent (Statewide)

Initiative Measure No. 1464, Concerning Campaign Finance Laws and Lobbyists

Yes: 48.7 percent (Kitsap); 47.43 percent (Statewide)

No: 51.3 percent (Kitsap); 52.57 percent (Statewide)

Initiative Measure No. 1491, Concerning Court-Issued Extreme Risk Protection Orders Temporarily Preventing Access to Firearms

Yes: 70.5 percent (Kitsap); 71.18 percent (Statewide)

No: 29.5 percent (Kitsap); 28.82 percent (Statewide)

Initiative Measure No. 1501, Concerning Seniors and Vulnerable Citizens

Yes: 75.6 percent (Kitsap); 71.59 percent (Statewide)

No: 24.4 percent (Kitsap); 28.41 percent (Statewide)

Initiative Measure No. 732, Concerning Taxes

Yes: 41.9 percent (Kitsap); 41.45 percent (Statewide)

No: 58.1 percent (Kitsap); 58.55 percent (Statewide)

Initiative Measure No. 735, Concerning a Proposed Amendment to the Federal Constitution

Yes: 66.3 percent (Kitsap); 63.82 (Statewide)

No: 33.7 percent (Kitsap); 36.18 percent (Statewide)

Advisory Vote No. 14 House Bill 2768

Yes: 69.9 percent (Kitsap); 68.48 percent (Statewide)

No: 30.1 percent (Kitsap); 31.52 percent (Statewide)

Advisory Vote No. 15 Second Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2778

Yes: 60.4 percent (Kitsap); 59.77 percent (Statewide)

No: 39.6 percent (Kitsap); 40.23 percent (Statewide)

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8210

Yes: 77.6 percent (Kitsap); 77.72 percent (Statewide)

No: 22.4 percent (Kitsap); 22.28 (Statewide)

U.S. Senator

Patty Murray (D): 58.7 percent (Kitsap); 60.79 percent (Statewide)

Chris Vance (R): 41.1 percent (Kitsap); 39.21 percent (Statewide)


Jay Inslee (D): 54.6 percent (Kitsap); 56.3 percent (Statewide)

Bill Bryant (R): 45.2 percent (Kitsap); 43.7 percent (Statewide)

Lt. Governor

Cyrus Habib (D): 53.7 percent (Kitsap); 55.8 percent (Statewide)

Marty McClendon (R): 46.1 percent (Kitsap); 44.2 percent (Statewide)

Secretary of State:

Kim Wyman (R): 54.7 percent (Kitsap); 53.15 percent (Statewide)

Tina Podlodowski (D): 45.2 percent (Kitsap); 46.85 percent (Statewide)

State Treasurer:

Duane Davidson (R): 53 percent (Kitsap); 58.66 percent (Statewide)

Michael Waite (R): 45.9 percent (Kitsap); 41.34 (Statewide)

State Auditor:

Mark Miloscia (R): 47.5 percent (Kitsap); 45.98 percent (Statewide)

Pat McCarthy (D): 52.4 percent (Kitsap); 54.02 percent (Statewide)

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D): 67.7 percent (Kitsap); 69.22 percent (Statewide)

Joshua B. Trumbull (L): 32 percent (Kitsap); 30.78 percent (Statewide)

Commissioner of Public Lands

Steve McLaughlin (R): 47.2 percent (Kitsap); 45.11 percent (Statewide)

Hillary Franz (D): 52.7 percent (Kitsap); 54.89 percent (Statewide)

Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nonpartisan Race)

Erin Jones: 51.2 percent (Kitsap); 48.84 percent (Statewide)

Chris Reykdal: 48.2 percent (Kitsap); 51.15 percent (Statewide)

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (D): 58.4 percent (Kitsap); 60.02 percent (Statewide)

Richard Schrock (R): 41.5 percent (Kitsap); 39.98 percent (Statewide)



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