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Shots Fired in Kitsap County During Mass Fight in Park

Shots were fired at a Kitsap County Park this week during a fight that reportedly involved around 15 people.

The following is the complete text of a Facebook post from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a group of some 15 people involved in a fight at Long Lake County Park around 7:30 p.m. April 1.

By the time deputies arrived at the scene the fight was over and most participants were gone.

However, while en route to the incident, a sheriff’s sergeant was able to conduct a traffic stop on two vehicles about a mile from the park entrance. The occupants of the two cars had witnessed the fracas.

According to sheriff’s reports:

A family: husband, wife and two adult sons, were at the park enjoying a picnic while grilling food. The sons invited a number of friends to join-in, bringing the number of those attending the family picnic to eight persons.

At some point another troupe showed-up at the picnic area. This second crowd that arrived had some type of “previous history” with one of the adult sons in the family picnic group. The father advised his sons to stay away from the others and not get involved.

As would be expected, words were exchanged between the two factions. At one point a member of the second crowd reportedly pulled a black-colored handgun from the waistband of his trousers and began yelling threats that he was going to start shooting. Fists then began to fly and a brief, general melee was on.

The fight ended fairly quickly and the second band of revelers loaded into two vehicles and started to leave. A member of the family picnic group threw a large rock through the rear window of one of the two departing vehicles, described as a silver-colored 4-door vehicle, smashing it out entirely.

The same individual who, a few minutes earlier, had displayed the handgun, was seated in the back seat of the car. He began firing multiple shots out of the new opening of the (now decimated) car’s rear window.

The family patriarch tried to follow the silver-colored 4-door to obtain a license number, but several gunshots were fired at his vehicle and he ceased his pursuit.

Deputies recovered six bullet shell casings from the gravel parking lot near the picnic area, along with various items left at the scene by those affiliated with the second ensemble.

Very surprisingly, no one was injured. No arrests have yet been made.

The investigation continues.

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