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The Coolest Place to Grab a Beer in Bremerton is at the Movies

There are plenty of watering holes in Bremerton, but the coolest one you’re not taking advantage of is the VIP lounge at SEEfilm Cinemas.

Each night, SEEfilm, located at 655 Fourth St. in downtown Bremerton, offers two movie showings in a VIP theater, attached to a bar where you can buy an alcoholic beverage to enjoy as you watch the movie. You can also purchase food options not found at the concession stand, such as corndogs and gourmet popcorn. There’s an additional $2.50 charge per ticket, but the VIP lounge has extra legroom, larger seats, and you’re allowed to get tipsy. Totally worth it.

It’s a little different from other cinemas I’ve been to which serve alcohol. Yelm Cinemas recently opened an upscale lounge attached to the cinemas, but patrons aren’t allowed to bring alcohol into the theaters. McMenamins Olympic Club Movie Theater in Centralia, attached to hotel and pub, is 21-and-up and allows patrons to bring alcohol into a theater with a makeshift (though artistic) feel to it, populated with run-down (but comfy) couches and plush chairs, as opposed to traditional theater seats. Galaxy Uptown Theatre in Gig Harbor used to have 21-and-up VIP lounges like SEEfilm, but has since opened up all its theaters to imbibers — which can be a bit awkward, as my wife and I discovered after walking into “family” movies like The Jungle Book and Finding Dory sipping on IPAs. It put us more at ease to walk into SEEfilm’s VIP area, surrounded by an over-21 crowd, watching a decidedly non-family-friendly movie.

You need to present your ticket stub at the bar to order drinks, and the limit is two drinks per ticket stub (the bartender will punch a hole in your stub to keep track). It’s a reasonable measure to limit the amount of drunkenness in the theater. If you’re hankering for more, you can always walk to a nearby bar after the movie.

The drinks were a little expensive — what else would you expect at a movie theater? — but the servings were reasonable. The beer I ordered at SEEfilm on a recent Thursday evening, for example, was larger than the beers I’ve received at the Galaxy Uptown.

A 22-ounce bottle of Stone Brewing Co.’s Arrogant Bastard Ale (poured into a plastic cup) cost $8. A bottle of Blue Moon cost $7, and the attentive bartender included an orange slice upon request.

The bar is small, and the selection is undoubtedly more limited than what you’d find at a full bar. But there’s not many places you can find a bar where you can watch a first-release movie, or a cinemas where you can bring in alcohol. While it’s becoming more common, it’s still a unique experience. If you’re like me and you find that watching movies is often a bit more fun with a drink or two, you’ll find SEEfilm’s VIP lounge an exceptional drinking experience.

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