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Washington State Patrol Says It’s Responded to a Pokemon Go-Related Car Accident

It was bound to happen.

The Washington State Patrol announced in a press release yesterday that it’s issued its first citation stemming from a Pokemon-Go-related car accident.

A 28-year-old man in Fall City was cited for causing a collision because he reportedly admitted to being distracted by Pokemon Go while driving.

“This is the first distracted driving collision reported to the Washington State Patrol … since the mobile app launched earlier this month,” the release states.

The driver was reportedly driving a Honda eastbound on Highway 202 near 332nd Street in Fall City at the posted speed limit, when he collided into the rear of a Chevy sedan. The driver of the Chevy had stopped in the roadway and was attempting to make a left turn when she was hit, the release states. Neither the female, nor her young son, a passenger in her vehicle, were injured.

Both cars were towed from the scene.

The WSP is urging Pokemon Go players to “consider safety over their high score.” They offer the following safety tips:

  • Do not trespass! Please don’t be poking out of bushes at WSP facilities or anyone else’s private property … especially at night as it will most likely trigger security or cause police to respond.
  • Please don’t catch and drive. It’s more dangerous than texting while driving.
  • If you’re on your way to a PokéStop, know your surroundings and pay attention to where you’re going and who’s around you.

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