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Don’t Think Twice About Seeing This Movie

Don’t Think Twice About Seeing This Movie

Summary: "Don't Think Twice" is not as funny as you might think, but is a surprisingly poignant look into the lives of struggling improv actors.


When hearing the subject of Don’t Think Twice — it’s about improvisational comedy — I expected it to be a fairly pedestrian comedy.

But despite my expectations, the film is actually more of a dramedy, and in fact, may lean more toward drama than comedy as it wrings a surprising amount of emotion out of its talented cast.

The improv group at the heart of the film is called The Commune, and its managed by Miles, a seasoned comic and improv instructor (played by Mike Birbiglia, the film’s writer and director). The group is seen as a training ground for comedy hopefuls aiming for a spot on Weekend Live, a Saturday Night Live stand-in.

The Commune is made up of Allison (Kate Micucci), Lindsay (Tami Sagher), Bill (Chris Gethard), and a couple, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) and Samantha (Gillian Jacobs).

Each member of the group is not-so-subtly pining for a coveted spot on the Weekend Live cast, and when two members of the group actually get a shot to audition, it threatens the group’s dynamic. Can their friendships survive if some members of the group are suddenly thrust into the spotlight?

While the improv scenes are just a smidge corny, they effectively transport viewers into the role of an improv-show audience, giving us a feel for the intimate atmosphere permeating such live performances.

But the improv is not the focus of this film. The performers are. While we sometimes place entertainers on a pedestal — yes, even improv actors (most people wouldn’t be able to think on their feet as well as an improv actor) — it’s always illuminating to peek behind the scenes, to see how those we put on a pedestal live their lives when they’re down on the ground with us.

From romantic ups and downs, to career crises, to family tragedies, there’s plenty for audiences to relate with among the members of The Commune, even if they’ve never been to an improv or comedy show. Not all of us can relate to performing improv, but we can all relate to being human. Don’t Think Twice serves as a poignant reminder that we’re all just that: human.

Don’t Think Twice shows Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 at the Dragonfly Cinema in Port Orchard. Click here for showtimes and theater information.

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